The Photographers

Lord and Lady Edward Manners would like to thank all the photographers for their essential and beautiful contribution to this site.

Suzanne Howard

Landscape photographer

Suzanne Howard is a professional photographer, posting countryside images from around the Peak District National Park every day on social media as Peaklass. She is rarely seen without a camera and tries to capture the small, quiet moments that others might miss: the way the evening light glances over fields for a split second between clouds, the swirling mists that weave through the valleys on autumn mornings, the first rays of sun rising over the hills and melting the frost on the winter grass.

Suzanne has been documenting the changing landscapes of the Haddon Medieval Park since 2021 and feels incredibly lucky to have witnessed the rich mosaics of habitat here in every season, weather and light. From the first buds of Spring to the deepest snows of Winter, there is always life and change and beauty within the parkland.

Suzanne is also responsible for arranging and coordinating the guided walks, tours and workshops within Haddon Medieval Park, and is delighted to be able to promote this very special place and share it with the public.