The Photographers

Lord and Lady Edward Manners would like to thank all the photographers for their essential and beautiful contribution to this site.

Matt Barker

Landscape Photographer

My name is Matt Barker and I have been taking landscape images for many years, with the hope of honing my skills each passing year. I have always been interested in photography from a young age and have always liked the idea of being able to collect places. I use Nikon camera equipment as my weapon of choice, mainly due to positive experiences and the quality that is always delivered. I like to take images that are true to the scene that I am viewing, with minimal processing, keeping the true beauty alive in the image. Based in Derbyshire, Peak District, an area renowned for natural beauty, makes being able to find places to shoot a simpler task.

This is an area that is full of variation from peaks to farmland, with any scene from these places possessing enough quality to take pride of place on the wall. I believe that everyone often takes the natural beauty of where we live for granted, passing the landscape by on a daily basis, without really seeing what is in front of us. Having that ability to be able to freeze a moment in time, capture the light and our viewpoint will preserve these memories, making them available for everyone to see and I hope that you are able to find one of those moments right here on this site.