The Photographers

Lord and Lady Edward Manners would like to thank all the photographers for their essential and beautiful contribution to this site.

Guy Badham

Wildlife Photography

Derbyshire is an amazing county in which to work as a photographer.

The diversity of landscape, giving rise to an equally diverse ecosystem, means that as a photographer I am never short of something to photograph.

My work stems from my love of being out in the countryside. I love walking through Derbyshire, taking time to explore and experience the valleys, fields, rivers, hills and moorlands. Sometimes I venture out with a specific aim in mind, to try to photograph a particular viewpoint or animal but very often I simply wander through the countryside hoping that something will grab my attention.

I am a ‘Destination Partner Photographer’ for Visit Peak District and Derbyshire, the official tourist board for the area and supply them with many images to use as publicity. I also supply images to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust for use in their publications.

I carry two cameras, so I am prepared to react quickly to whatever nature wishes to offer me. One camera has a wide angle zoom, which is great for landscape and general photographs, the other camera has a 100-400mm zoom, which is great for insects and flowers as well as general wildlife such as birds and mammals. I have a few other lenses for specific purposes but for a large percentage of photographs, two cameras and two lenses suit my needs.

I love to run photography training days. Why would I not want to share my passion for nature and photography with other people who love it too?

I encourage clients to ask lots of questions and to create images as a response to their personal view and understanding of the environment around them.