The Ecologists

‘We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the many ecologists, many of whom are volunteers, who are working so hard to record the ecology within the Medieval Park.’ – Lord and Lady Edward Manners

The Ecologists

To date the following scientists and experts have or are continuing to contribute to the careful scientific study and monitoring of the Medieval Park which will allow us to uncover and provide essential information on the biodiversity that lives within and guide us on the best practice for the regeneration of the land.

Water Voles and Hares
Christine Gregory – writer, artist and photographer

Dr Deborah Dawson, University of Sheffield’s Dept of Animal & Plant Sciences
Dr Douglas Ross, BVM&S BSc MRCVS

Hazel Robson MCIEEM and Celia Barlow GradCIEEM of the Bat Conservation Trust

Mark Powell, member of the British Lichen Society

Mosses and Liverworts (Bryophytes)
Tom Blockeel BA (Hons), Sorby Botanical Group & British Bryological Society

Dr Geoff Mawson OBE

Ken Orpe, Derbyshire Butterfly Recorder for East Midlands Butterfly Conservation, and volunteers Christine Gregory, Roderick Dunn, Steve Orridge, Tony Pioli

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Thomas Eccles and Graham Maynard
Derek Whiteley BSc (Hons) and Dr Ralph Atherton of the Sorby Invertebrate Group

Diptera Invertebrates (True Flies)
Rob Foster, Sorby Invertebrate Group

Saproxylic Invertebrates
Andy Jukes BSc (Hons) of Conops Entomology Ltd
Derek Whiteley BSc (Hons) FRES, Sorby Invertebrate Group

Hemiptera Invertebrates (True Bugs)
Jim Flanagan, Sorby Invertebrate Group

Hymenoptera Invertebrates (includes Bees and Ants)
Dr Jane Hewitt, Sorby Invertebrate Group
With thanks to Dr Timothy King for his kind advice on Yellow Meadow Ants.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust ℅ Penny Anderson Associates Ltd, MCIEEM
Sorby Natural History Society

Chris Burnett BSc CMLI

Katharine Longden BSc of Penny Anderson Associates Ltd MCIEEM

Derbyshire Wye
Dr Nick Everall, MIFM C Env, of Aquascience Consultancy Ltd
Paul Hancock, Sorby Natural History Society – aquatic fauna
Stuart Crofts, Sorby Invertebrate Group – riverflies