We are delighted that Haddon’s private Medieval Park is now open to be enjoyed through our programme of guided ecological and historical walks and talks, and wellbeing classes.

Experience nature, wellbeing and history.

Our exciting and completely unique programme of events held within the Medieval Park.

Medieval Parkland Walks
20 Jun, 24 Aug, 14 Sep, 28 Sep, 19 Oct
Wildlife Walk: The Butterflies and Meadow Life of Haddon Medieval Park
22 Jun
Creative Experience Day – Mindful Art with Valerie Dalling
13 Jul
Bat Watch Evening
13 Jul, 20 Jul, 3 Aug

Wildlife Walk: The Trees of Haddon Medieval Park
25 Jul, 12 Oct
Creative Experience Day – Willow Basket Craft with Joelle Joanne
3 Aug
Little School of Ecology in Haddon Medieval Park
6 Aug, 13 Aug, 20 Aug, 27 Aug, 29 Oct
Creative Experience Day – Photography Tuition Workshop at Haddon Medieval Park
31 Aug

Creative Experience Day – Needle Felting with Jo Gardiner
7 Sep
Creative Experience Day – Masking Tape Mycology Workshop with Studio Funnel
26 Oct, 27 Oct