Films & TV

Explore the historic Hall that has charged the imagination of directors and audiences for decades.

From cultural documentaries to blockbuster period dramas, historical thrillers to daytime favourites, filmmakers from around the world have chosen the iconic setting of Haddon Hall as the backdrop for their work, adding character, beauty, and authenticity to their productions.

“I thought Haddon Hall was beautiful.” – Location Manager, Pat Karam, on his favourite location used for Mary Queen of Scots

Haddon’s mesmerising halls and original architecture, set against a backdrop of rolling hills, make it the perfect location for period pieces and romantic dramas. No fewer than three different film adaptations of Jane Eyre have been filmed here, along with further high-profile productions such as Mary Queen of Scots, The Other Boleyn Girl, Pride & Prejudice and cult movie, The Princess Bride.  

“With its grand Tudor architecture and an abundance of medieval accoutrements, the place was almost like a movie set in itself. It provoked the right combination of epic scale and intimacy.” – Cary Elwes, Westley / Dread Pirate Roberts – The Princess Bride

Take a journey through memorable scenes as you walk in the footsteps of beloved characters, discovering the Hall that has brought stories to life throughout cinema and television history. 

Films at Haddon

Here is a full list of productions filmed at Haddon Hall.

Haddon As A Location

Haddon Hall welcomes interest in the Hall or Estate being used for filming or photo-shoots and we have plenty of experience in supporting these activities.

If you would like to find out more about using the Hall, Estate, Gardener’s Cottage or Ancient Parkland, please do not hesitate to contact our Film Co-ordinator, Julie Mellor at or call the Estate Office on 01629 812855 to discuss your requirements and arrange a complimentary visit.

We would also recommend that you take a moment to visit or contact our boutique, luxury Estate hotel, The Peacock at Rowsley, which has often been used as temporary lodgings for actors, directors, and members of the crew on location, and has specific rates for extended stays.

We assure you that our designated Film Team will do all they can to assist you with your enquiry. 

Specialist Film Tour

For decades, film-makers have been using Haddon Hall as a location for their cinematic productions – from historical documentaries to blockbuster period dramas – making the Hall one of the most popular film locations in the country. 

The house and grounds have played host to no fewer than three film versions of the famous novel Jane Eyre. Screen credits also include Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, The Other Boleyn Girl and The Princess Bride. On one of Haddon’s new film tours, film aficionados can learn all about what happens behind-the-scenes when filming at the Hall.

Led by Haddon’s expert guides – some of whom have even been extras on the film sets, visitors can tour the Hall and grounds to learn how the Estate is transformed for the silver screen, how the rooms are converted into historic settings and the painstaking accuracy behind their recreation.