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A medieval park with ancient ecology, now available to be enjoyed through guided walks and talks.

Bat Watch Evening

13 Jul, 20 Jul, 3 Aug

Commences at 8.00 pm (13th July and 20th July) & 7.30 pm (Saturday 3rd August)
Duration 2-3 hours

£38.50 per person (20% of this price goes to Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group)
(not suitable for children under 14 yrs)
Places limited, booking is essential – booking available on this page soon
Parking: £3.80 (contactless payment at exit barrier when leaving)

Unfortunately we are not able to offer a refund or alternative date for this event

We recommend that you wear a washable hat to this event to protect your hair

Toilets are available in the Lower Courtyard and the Stable Block
Please note, dogs are not permitted at this event

“As the volume of bats in the chapel peaked, I can honestly say that it was one of my favourite wildlife, maybe even life, experiences.  I’m not a big adventurer but I’ve travelled thousands of miles to see blue whales, and the concentration of bats in the beautiful chapel as the sun set, just 5 miles from my home, was up there with that for sheer, almost profound, wonder.”  Attendee  on 2023 Bat Watch Evening

Back by popular demand, we are delighted to be able to offer three very special Bat Watching Evenings in 2024, within the Chapel, Lower Courtyard and Medieval Park at Haddon Hall, hosted by the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group.  These unforgettable events allow you the unique opportunity to observe these wonderful little animals at close quarters in a magnificent setting and use bat detectors to hear and identify different species. 

Your evening begins in the 12th Century Chapel, a particularly lively and very beautiful bat roost, with a fascinating 45 minute presentation about bats and their ecology by specialists at the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group.  You will then be given a Bat Detector to listen to and identify the Common and Soprano Pipistrelle and Long-Eared bats within the Chapel as hundreds fill the vaulted space. Your evening continues in the Lower Courtyard to watch the bats weaving expertly between the towers and using echolocation to navigate and hunt for insects.  Finally, you make your way down to the peaceful River Wye to watch Noctule and Daubenton’s bats swooping over the water and through the wildflower meadows.

20% of your ticket price will go to the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group to help support their work to protect bats in the local area.

Important Note!

The spectacle of hundreds of bats flying around and out of the Chapel is unique and unforgettable, but it can be quite intimidating. For this reason we recommend that this event is not suitable for those of a nervous disposition or anyone under the age of 14. Booking is essential for these very special events.

Please note that this Bat Watching Evening takes place within the Lower Courtyard, Chapel and Medieval Parkland of Haddon Hall, much of which dates back to the 12th Century.  Because of the nature of this historic building and its surroundings, the ground is uneven in places with cobbles and undulations.  There are also a number of steps which do not have handrails. The unspoilt natural parkland has no marked paths or lighting and the ground may be wet underfoot.  We strongly recommend that you wear walking boots or stout trainers for your safety and comfort.  We regret that the Bat Watching Evening is not suitable for those who use wheelchairs or wheeled mobility aids. Please contact us if you require more information about the terrain.  Bats can fly in teh rain and the walk will go ahead unless it is deemed unsafe to proceed because of particularly heavy rain, high winds or stormy weather.

As this event takes place at dusk, please bring a small torch with you and we recommend that you wear warm layers.  You may also wish to wear a hood or hat whilst in the Chapel to shield your head from any small bat deposits!


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