From Agincourt to the legends of Robin Hood, archery has fired the imagination. Come try your hand at what was once the most fashionable of pastimes, skills, and sports.

Archery was once a great national priority. In Tudor England, skill with a bow was treasured by rulers and citizens alike.

Henry VIII was a keen and talented archer, holding regular tournaments and incorporating the sport into numerous royal events. He also decreed that every township should have well-maintained archery butts, and established laws to promote its practice.

Throughout this period, vast numbers of the population were expected to learn to use the bows that every household was ordered to keep.

At Haddon Hall, we are bringing back this historic tradition with our “have-a-go” archery scheme, celebrating the revival of archery as a recreational activity.

Haddon’s Master Bowman

Haddon’s Chief Grand Master Bowman, Mark Allsopp, will be on hand to teach visitors the art of archery in the Chapel Fields. Mark has been an archer for over 10 years and carries a Grand Master Bowman certification. He is an Archery GB Level 2 coach and will be available, along with his other trained coaches, to provide instruction and guidance.

Book a Private Class or Party

A private class with our Master Bowman, Mark, is a wonderful and rewarding experience and great fun for all ages and abilities. 

If you would like to book a private lesson for yourself, your friends or for your tour group, we would be delighted to arrange this for you. 

Please contact our Bookings Coordinator on or 01629 810 912 to assist you in this matter. 

Prices are provided upon application.

Children’s Free Guided Tours
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