Witches' marks, pumpkin carving, special cocktails and a sorcery school for the little ones - Halloween at Haddon Hall has something for everyone.

Experience spooky tales from our rich 900 year history...

For Halloween in October, Haddon was transformed into a place of magic and fun for both kids and grown-ups.

Our specialist “Magical Marks and Graffiti” tours explored the mediaeval mindset and the events that might have generated the creation of our extensive range of Apotropaic, or “Witches'” Marks here at Haddon.

Families demonstrated their festive handiwork by bringing along their carved pumpkins for our competition.

And finally, our Little School of Sorcery was buzzing with excitement as children enjoyed a plethora of ghastly games and activities from creating potions, decorating their wands, making brooms and hats, writing scrolls and creating magical spells.