The ‘Shadows And Whispers’ of Haddon Hall

We love to showcase unique work at Haddon Hall, and our upcoming exhibition will be no exception.

Between August and September, the rooms of Haddon will play host to the inventive, captivating sculptures of artist Nik Ramage, in an innovative exhibition entitled ‘Shadows And Whispers’. Visitors are invited to seek out and interact with the mechanical creations, which will be scattered throughout the halls, some in plain sight and some disguised by their surroundings.

We caught up with Nik ahead of the exhibition to learn more about his inventions and the inspiration behind them.

How long have you been creating mechanical sculpture?
“About 25 years.”

What can visitors expect from the exhibition?
“There are 39 mechanical sculptures and contraptions spread around Haddon, some in clusters, other by themselves. Some will be obvious and some more hidden. Some of the machines need the visitors to interact with them by turning a handle or pushing them along.”

What was your inspiration?
“Haddon Hall is an inspiring place. The rooms are full of atmosphere, ideas and layers of change. We have tried to position the sculptures, so the there is a conversation between my work and Haddon’s wonderful interiors. My work is inspired by found materials and found ideas (scraps from conversation, sights, oddities from life in general).”

Why ‘Shadows and Whispers’?
“I wanted to reflect what is not there and the harder-to-discern. The sub-text, not the main narrative.When something or someone is absent, they are still manifest in other ways, not least as an idea.”

Do you have a favourite sculpture from the exhibition?
“I was pleased with how ‘Shoe Shuffle’ worked out, it’s got a pleasing economy to it.”

How can people share their experience and thoughts with you?
“If they use social media, I’d love to see photos and comments on Instagram and Twitter, using my username @nikramage and the hashtag #ShadowsAndWhispers. Or they can drop me a line at”


The Shadows And Whispers exhibition will take place from 1st August – 30th September and will be included in general admission to the hall.

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