Nik Ramage Exhibition

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Shadows and Whispers at Haddon Hall

by artist Nik Ramage 



From 1st August to 30th September Haddon Hall will be filled with enchanting and engageing machines created by the imagination of the amazing artist Nik Ramage


The Shadows and Whispers exhibition brings together misaligned machines, it celebrates the uncertain and odd and blurs the lines between past and present, inviting and encouraging visitors to seek out sculptures trying to attune to their surroundings

Lady Edward Manners said; “Upon meeting with Nik, we immediately saw the appeal of his sculptures. Not only is there a real multi-generational aspect to them but Nik was also able to take our physical archives and bring them to life, presenting Haddon Hall in a new light.''


Nik has taken and incorporated trinkets from the Haddon archives to create machines that loom over the tallest man and hide in the tinest nooks in our smallest rooms, with the aim to listen to some of the whispers and catch some of the shadows that make Haddon Hall so magical

An exhibition not to be missed

Entrance included with any general admission ticket