You couldn’t make it up!

Sometimes, a phone call can really make us smile! 

Just taken a phone call from a rather strongly accented gentleman.  He was calling to arrange collection of his Dahlias tomorrow.

Liz, one of our Guides, and currently temping in the office, politely and efficiently explained that she thought he may have the wrong number.  No.  He said.  He’s been coming here for years to get his Dahlias.  In fact he was our oldest customer!

Now we all know how wonderful our gardens are at Haddon Hall, but we also know there are absolutely no Dahlias in them.  What could be going on?

Liz said she would check and make sure and get back to him.  He left his contact details, and we set about consulting the Great God Google.  Searching for “Haddon Dahlias” came up with the following:

Halls of Heddon – Dahlia Specialists, based in Heddon on the Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne.

We could see where the confusion arose!  Liz called the chap back and explained who we were, and who he actually wanted, and gave him the correct phone number to call.  We wish him every success with his Dahlias!

If you too are confused – here’s a link to Halls of Heddon website.

Just when you think you’ve heard them all.  It quickly becomes apparent that you haven’t!