Time Capsule at Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall is forever a place of surprise and astonishment.

Back in 2006, whilst major repair work was being carried out to the balustrade on Dorothy Vernon’s Steps, a small lead box was uncovered. This mysterious vessel contained a rolled sheet of vellum inscribed with a letter penned in 1909 by John Manners the 9th Duke of Rutland and the Marquess of Granby. This document, signed by the Duke, also contained the signatures of Charles Lindsay (great friend and uncle to the Duke and a historian with interest in the Medieval and Tudor eras) and master stonemason, James Toft.

Ten years later, as part of a very special restoration tour hosted by Lord Edward Manners and master stonemason, Mark Eaton, this time-capsule was re-positioned and reburied. Containing another piece of vellum, inscribed by Lord Edward, signed by both Mark Eaton and very special guest, Peter Bown, who is the grandson of James Toft; this little piece of history will be left untouched, in anticipation of it being found by a future generations at Haddon Hall.