A Treasure Trove of Family Delights: Meet The Summer Artisans

Between 26th – 28th June, our Summer Artisan Market will bring a treasure trove of artisan delights to Haddon Hall, transforming the grounds into a spectacular family festival with something exciting for everyone. In anticipation, we asked three of our invited artisans, brand new to Haddon Hall events, about their produce, inspiration and hopes for the market.

The Pod-Floating Studio 

Artisan: Kathryn Webley

Craft: Glass Artist

Contact: kwebley@hotmail.co.uk

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Shop

What produce will you be selling at the Summer Artisan Market? 

I make canal inspired fused glass from my floating studio – ‘The Pod’ – a 28’ narrowboat moored on the Chesterfield Canal. I will have a range of sculpture, pictures and wall hangings for sale and all my designs are based upon the nature of the inland waterways.

What sparked your passion for creating? 

My passion for glass was sparked by the canals. When I moved onto a narrowboat and observed the nature of the canals, I realised that glass was the perfect medium for representing the waterways. I purchased a kiln and was immediately hooked.

What are you particularly looking forward to about exhibiting at Haddon Hall?

I grew up in Derbyshire, so visited Haddon Hall as a child. It is a stunning setting and I’m really excited to be revisiting it and showing how my work is inspired by the local canals and countryside.

Marina Bauguil

Artisan: Marina Bauguil

Craft: Ceramics

Contact: www.marinabauguil.com/contact

Links: Website / Instagram / Shop

What produce will you be selling at the Summer Artisan Market? 

For the Summer Artisan Market I will be selling a range of ceramic sculptures, bowls, and wall decorations.

What sparked your passion for creating? 

When I was a child we lived in Libreville Gabon. My parents one day took us to visit a village of Mbigou stone sculptors. I was absolutely smitten and remember watching them work with the simplest of tools, sitting on the ground, whilst amazing figures would emerge from the stone. I remember thinking at the time – “Wow, I want to do that!”

What are you particularly looking forward to about exhibiting at Haddon Hall?

Firstly, the incredible setting. Haddon Hall is a magnificent building with beautiful surroundings and a timeless quality. I visited in April and could imagine how for centuries there may have been artisans selling their wares. So being an exhibitor and holding hands with creators from the Middle Ages is a really exciting idea. I am also, of course, looking forward to meeting lots of present day makers and showing my work in such a wonderful setting and atmosphere.

The Busy Boxroom

Artisan: Jan Ward

Craft: Jeweller

Contact: contact@thebusyboxroom.co.uk

Links: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Shop

What produce will you be selling at the Summer Artisan Market? 

At The Busy Box Room, I design and make precious metal jewellery and fused glass gifts. I specialise in combining sterling silver and gold to create beautiful colour and texture contrasts in my products which include earrings, pendants, rings and bangles. My jewellery is mostly inspired by geometry and architecture displaying a minimalist appearance. Occasionally semi-precious gemstones add a splash of colour to my work.  More recently I have started to include fused glass into my jewellery designs and this has also led me to create larger pieces including wall art.

What sparked your passion for creating? 

I was born into it! Having an artist and an architect for parents I was always making something or other. I discovered at Art College in Chesterfield that I had a talent for working with metal and went on to achieve my degree in Sheffield. I rarely design on paper and I love sitting at my workbench with everything in front of me wondering what will come next. I can often have several projects on the go at once as one idea sparks another and then another.

What are you particularly looking forward to about exhibiting at Haddon Hall?

I grew up in Derbyshire and having recently returned to live in the area again I’m pleased to be able to showcase my work at local venues. This is the first time that I will have exhibited at Haddon Hall and I’m very excited and lucky to be a part of it all. Having visited previous markets I love the beautiful surroundings and the atmosphere of the venue. The Artisan market has a large number of very talented makers and does not leave you disappointed.

Entry to the artisan market is included in admission to the Hall and gardens, or costs £5.50 for those just wishing to attend the event, with children under 16 entering for free.

Visit for a unique shopping experience, a delight for the senses and the perfect summer day out for the entire family, featuring exquisite artisan creations, gourmet delicacies and creative flow demonstrations / activities. Learn more on our Special Events page, or register your interest on the official Facebook Event.