Painting The Picture: Mercatum VIP Evening

As you ascend our winding driveway, guided by the flickering flares lining the path, you see Haddon Hall rise into view from the trees which embrace it, painted with the vibrant warmth of the autumn. 

You climb the stone steps to the Duke’s Tower and pass through the entrance leading to the Lower Courtyard, where you will be greeted by the enchanting voices of Dale Diva and a celebratory glass of prosecco or mulled wine. 

With magical harmonies still accompanying you and glass in hand, you enter the Banqueting Hall, welcomed by roaring fires, atmospheric charm and the buzz of carefully selected artisans showcasing their exquisite creations in the twilight hours… 

Treat yourself to a glamorous evening of artisan shopping. Book your tickets for the Mercatum: Winter Artisan Market VIP Evening here