Small Print Company – the Art of Letterpress

15 Dec

Throughout the day.

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Chris and Hannah Barker met at art college in the 90s and discovered in each other a mutual love of print. This shared passion of typography and design, led them to explore the world of traditional letterpress print using antique presses, original type, beautiful papers and hand mixed inks.

Following several years in the print and publishing industries, they finally purchased their first press, an Adana 8×5, and now they run a design studio in Derby, where they have expanded their services to include book making and running workshops. We are delighted to welcome Chris and Hannah to Haddon.

Chris was the winner of Hawthorn Rigby Apprentice of the Year Award.

Our Advent Calendar of Christmas Events

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15 Dec, 19 Dec, 20 Dec, 21 Dec, 22 Dec, 23 Dec
A Christmas Card for the Queen
15 Dec and every day until 18 Dec
Farnaby & Co
15 Dec
Christmas at Haddon Restaurant
15 Dec and every day until 23 Dec