A photography class at Haddon with Ian Daisley

9.30-5pm - From £150 per person

Haddon is a wonderful location for photographers, so why not join Ian Daisley, at Haddon for a full day photography workshop.

The day starts at 9:30 with tea and coffee, followed by a discussion on the importance of composition and lighting in the Seminar room of the Hall.

At 10:30, Ian who knows the hall extremely well, will take you around Haddon for you to take photos of the hall, rooms, gardens and their details.

Lunch will be at 13:00, either at the Haddon restaurant or at The Peacock at Rowsley’s bar or restaurant.

In the afternoon you will return to the hall for further photography until 16:00 when you will return to the seminar room for tea and coffee and for a review of images taken.

The day will end at 5pm.

Equipment needed: a good quality camera, preferably with interchangeable lenses and a tripod.

Cost: available for groups of 4 for £150 per person.

Cost: available for an individual for £300

To book, please contact the Haddon Estate office on: 01629 812 855