Parkland Tours

A medieval park with ancient ecology, now available to be enjoyed by guided walks and talks.

Parkland Presentations – Historical

1 Oct and every day until 31 Oct

Our Parkland presentations will run at intervals throughout the day.
Included with your admission.
Please simply sign up for the next available presentation.

Haddon is one of the great survivors of the Medieval age, as is its Medieval Park, which has remained largely undisturbed and is remarkable for its unaltered landscape and stretches of ancient pasture. Within the parkland today can be found many clues to its medieval use as a deer park for hunting and leisure, together with an exceptional diversity of rare species and habitats.

Our historic parkland presentations provide a fascinating insight into the history and development of Haddon’s Medieval Parkland. Find out more about the traditions of the medieval hunt, its role in society, its significance to those that lived, work and enjoyed it and how it manifested itself in art and culture.

Parkland Walks
25 Sep, 30 Sep, 9 Oct, 14 Oct, 23 Oct, 28 Oct
Parkland Presentations – Ecological
1 Oct and every day until 31 Oct