Parkland Tours

A medieval park with ancient ecology, now available to be enjoyed by guided walks and talks.

Parkland Presentations – Ecological

1 Oct and every day until 31 Oct

Our Parkland presentations will run at intervals throughout the day and last for approximately 40 mins.  You are welcome to join one and stay for the entire period or just listen for a while.

Included with your admission.
Please simply join the next available presentation.

Haddon’s Medieval Park, is recognised as nationally significant, not only for its Medieval heritage but also because of its remarkable diversity of habitats, unaltered landscapes and stretches of ancient pasture.

The Park, which reaches to 187 hectares, includes parkland, woodland, a significant stretch of the Derbyshire River Wye, water meadows, wetlands and former stretches of farmland. Almost half of the park is particularly unusual, as it is land that has not been touched by agricultural systems for at least 900 years, making it of significant scientific and ecological interest.

Haddon’s ecological parkland presentation delves into the evolution of the site, the flora and fauna that have made the park their home, and explores the rich mosaic of habitats that exists within.

Parkland Walks
25 Sep, 30 Sep, 9 Oct, 14 Oct, 23 Oct, 28 Oct
Parkland Presentations – Historical
1 Oct and every day until 31 Oct