“It’s such a pleasure to hear music being performed at Haddon. We hope these occasional and varied performances by these very fine musicians will continue to bring much enjoyment to visitors this year and will continue to enhance Haddon's reputation as a delightful setting for music.” - Lady Edward Manners

Music at Haddon – Vocalium

21 Aug

Performances at 12:00 and 2:00 pm

Included with your admission

Vocalium draws together singers from across Britain who share a love of Tudor and contemporary sacred and secular music.  The choir currently has 25 members, all of whom sing with other choirs of significant local and national reputation, including the BBC Symphony Chorus and Leeds Philharmonic Choir.  Whilst these prestigious choirs provide an opportunity to perform large works,  choir members enjoy the opportunity Vocalium offers to sing a more specialised and intimate repertoire, and explore less familiar works from around the world.

Music at Haddon – Halmstad Chamber Choir, Sweden
3 Jul
Music at Haddon – The Sitwell Singers
10 Jul
Music at Haddon – Cantabile – Choir
17 Jul
Music at Haddon – B Natural Choir
24 Jul