From Agincourt to the legends of Robin Hood, archery has fired the imagination. Come try your hand at what was once the most fashionable of pastimes, skills, and sports.

Have-a-Go Archery at Haddon

26 Jun, 27 Jun, 28 Jun, 8 Aug, 9 Aug, 29 Aug, 30 Aug, 31 Aug

10.30 am – 4.00 pm

Access included with your admission ticket.

Arrows:  6 for £2.50



If you have never tried your hand at archery before why not have a go in the perfect setting of Chapel Field, down by the River Wye beneath the curtain walls of Haddon Hall?

When Haddon Hall was at the height of its influence, by law every able bodied man had to be able to shoot at a target 220 yards away.  Today though, Chief Grand Master Bowman Mark Allsopp and his team will guide you through the technique so that you can test your skill at this ancient art in a fun activity for the whole family.


Beaufort Companye and Sir John Savile’s Household
8 Aug, 9 Aug