From Agincourt to the legends of Robin Hood, archery has fired the imagination. Come try your hand at what was once the most fashionable of pastimes, skills, and sports.

Beaufort Companye and Sir John Savile’s Household

8 Aug, 9 Aug

10.30 am – 5.00 pm

Included with your admission ticket.

Members of Beaufort Companye and Sir John Savile’s Household will once again visit Haddon Hall to make camp on Chapel Field.  Portraying the household of a retainer of the Dukes of Somerset and Beaufort family in the late 15th Century – a time when Haddon Hall would have been at its height – the groups bring the period of the Wars of the Roses to life for visitors this weekend.  Come and enjoy their displays and talk to members about their knowledge and experience of recreating the past through costumes, weaponry, music and domestic objects.  Last year they recreated a 15th Century wedding celebration here – come and join us to find out what they have planned for this year.

Have-a-Go Archery at Haddon
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