Harlem Shake at Haddon Hall

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Following on the theme of being cold at Haddon Hall.  It’s something we all seem to do quite well!  Yesterday, as a lunchtime warm up session, we took to the Front Door of Haddon Hall and performed an (almost) impromptu  version of the “Harlem Shake” a dance craze currently going viral on the internet.   With our portable amplifier pumping out Baauer’s catchy tune, we strutted our stuff and even managed to get the local bin man to take part!  To give it a historic edge, we wore the tabards and hats we lend to school groups when they visit.  The video is up on YouTube for all to see:

Looking back through the diary, we noticed that on 21 February 2012, we donned the same tabards and hats and took part in a Pancake Race in Hall Leys Park, Matlock.  What is it about 21 February that makes us do strange things?  We’ve made a note in next year’s diary on this date which reads “Dress up and Do Something Stupid Day”.  Watch this space….